Historic Declaration and Protocol

During a meeting with Chiefs from the Robinson Huron Treaty Ancestral Lands, the Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin (RHW) signed two historic documents that were solemnized by Ceremony. This marked the 170th anniversary of the original signing of the Treaty. RHW is committed to working together with other Treaty Nations on their relationships in the spirit and intent of the Treaty. The RHW Protocol and Declaration enshrine the Anishinaabe principles of Miinigoziwin (gifts from the Creator, inherent authority) and Anishiniaabe-aadziwin (life as Anishinaabe).

Our RHW Ogimaak have developed the Waawiindamaagewin Declaration to guide and direct our treaty journey. The Declaration affirms who we are Anishinaabek, our relationships with Gichimanidoo (Creator) and our responsibilities. The Declaration established our intent to respectfully work together to implement all aspects of our Treaty and the role that all Anishinaabek play in this implementation and that our leaders accept this responsibility. The Declaration has been created in ceremony and is travelling to each of our communities to visit with our leaders and to sign and share.

Chi-Miigwech to our cultural team and advisor for supporting and guiding this process. Chi-Miigwech to the artists who have displayed our messages so beautifully.

You can view the historic documents below or download here.

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