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From Serpent River?

Not From Serpent River?

Serpent River First Nation – Online Engagement Session

Purpose: To share information and educational resources and provide ongoing support to Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin signatory communities.  Begin a dialogue on “Renewing the Treaty Relationship” and/or “Polishing the Chain” between the Crown and the 16 RHT Sovereign Signatory First Nation communities and potentially 5 non-signatory First Nation communities.  This will establish a foundation to work towards a future that moves the Treaty Relationship forward.


  • Elder Opening
  • Community Youth Representative
  • Cheif’s Address
  • Introductions – Overview
  • RHW Initiative – Earl Commanda, Executive Director
  • Robinson Huron Annuities Update
  • RHW Mapping Initiative Introduction
  • Historical Background Part One – The Past
  • Community Feedback Q&A
  • Elder Closing

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